Decision Making Technology for Intelligent Environments


Creation of smart household services shall be based on a technology, enabling monitoring of human behavior and intelligent decision making process.

Developed technology could be used for creation intelligent household services, the functionality of which would rely on knowledge of human habits and events, taking place within the smart environment of a real-time basis.

Developed technology complies with the requirements set for real-time systems, namely, calculation and need of memory resources, speed and accuracy of decision making process, decision making within unspecified conditions, etc.

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Application of Optoelectronic Measurement and Installed Real-Time Digital Signal Processing Technologies for Electronic Jewellery, Adding Additional Functions


Investigation of technologies applied for real-time digital processing of biomedical signals gained by optoelectronic measurement devices are carried out.

Analysis and investigations of devices, describing the blood pressure, that are oriented towards development of worn devices and electronic jewellery with a health state monitoring function are performed.

This method will ensure that all worn devices and electronic jewellery would perform both aesthetic function and additional practical function, namely supervision of blood pressure and heart rate.

Blood pressure recording device could be designed as jewellery element (ring, bracelet, earring, etc.), performing measurement 24 hour per day without disturbing routine activities: at work, while driving a car, doing sports, etc.

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Cone Penetration System for Soil Exploration


To identify engineering geological conditions, physical-mechanical characteristics of the soil are needed. This type of information can be obtained after the soil engineering geological research.

Nowadays, fast and quite cheap soil research methods, which allow obtaining of all the information about engineering geological information, are widely spread. One of these methods is static probing or penetration.

IES research group is doing a research on creating an intelligent probe and integrating it with a management system.

Such system would allow to design and build bases of various buildings quicker, cheaper and more accurately.

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Method for Indoors Positioning of Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Objects


Application of the method for indoors positioning of Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) objects enables determination of a single object location by at least two access points capturing the object.

Positioning of WLAN object foresees application of positioning algorithm, which compares measured signal strength values and signal dissimilation model (map) for calculation of each access point, capturing the object.

Calculated position of the object is saved and extended in order to ensure the accuracy of positioning.

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Technology for Fabrication of Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) Transducers


The developed photolithography-based fabrication technology may be applied to produce microactuators and microsensors suitable for numerous applications, e.g. telecom, automotive, medical, measurement and various industrial equipment.

This surface micromachining technology uses a combination of different thin film deposition and etching processes such as wet and reactive ion etching, electron-beam vacuum evaporation, electroplating, etc. The technology was successfully implemented for fabrication of electrostatic microrelays and micromotors.


Available technological infrastructure enables small-batch fabrication as well as electric and dynamic characterization of MEMS transducers.

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Analog Fuel Level Sensor


Analog, fuel level sensor EFLS-A-XXX, hereinafter referred to as the “sensor”, detects fuel level in the tank of a motor vehicle or motor fuel storage/ transportation tank, and converts information about the current level to output voltage in the range of 0.2V…9V.

This voltage can be converted to a digital form by an external device (ECU, data logger, or telematics module).

Sensor suits the requirements of: EU Dir. 72/245 up to 2006/ 96; EN61326; EN590; EN228- 1993.

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Smart Refrigerator Technology


Technological solutions for smart refrigerators mean technological solutions developed for smart refrigerator being household equipment for execution of control, monitoring, support and warning functions and related electronic functions.

Main technological features:

  • Monitoring of food stuff state inside the refrigerator;
  • Generation of equipment operation and use reports;
  • Generation of equipment inspection and repair schedules;
  • Early warning system intended to control various elements of the equipment;
  • Equipment could be used as household food stuff ordering point;
  • Easy planning of shopping;
  • Provision of additional information about the equipment and its operation;
  • Opportunity to install touch screen

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Electronic Device for Soil Humidity Measurement


A working prototype for humidity measurement, designed in real conditions, allowing to measure soil humidity with less than 10% error.

The research was performed with different soil types, whose electric characteristics were measured by using a finite element method, simulated and optimized using interlocked electrode sensors and chip AD5933 for impedance measurement.

The developed device will help to identify clay-type soils by the humidity parameter, with reference to the quantitative index of this parameter. This is relevant for clay-type soils with higher humidity.

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