Wireless Multi-Sensory System for Registration of Physiological and Biomechanical Parameters

The portable, wireless sensor system is able to record synchronously 5 different modalities, 19 channel signals at different sampling rates. New circuit design and algorithmic solutions enable to register high quality biomedical signals: transmission and reflection mode photoplethysmogram, electrocardiogram, electropneumogram, acceleration and temperature signals.

The computer software enables to extract and analyse various parameters: heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure correlated parameter – pulse wave propagation time, and display them to the user.


Original digital signal processing algorithms installed in the device allow to effectively deal with motion artefacts, and to acquire high-quality biosignal databases for scientific research.


Research contract with Gambro Lundia AB (Sweden)

Raktažodžiai: Wireless Multi-Sensory System, physiological Biomechanical Parameters

Mokslo kryptis: Diagnostinės ir matavimo technologijos, Medicina
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