A Non-Invasive Expert System for Diagnosis of Intraocular Tumors

The equipment is used for the analysis of ultrasonic radiofrequency (RF) signals.

The software can be used by ophthalmologists performing ultrasound eye diagnostics, working with ultrasound eye images and solving differential diagnosis tasks.

The software allows to interactively choose the tumor and supporting tissue areas to be analyzed in an ultrasonic image and provides dozens of different parameters and dependencies.


Advanced signal processing algorithms, extraction of ~20 tissues characterizing features, software for automatic differentiation of eye tissues.


Research project NICDIT with Eye Clinics, Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Kaunas Clinics, KTU Ultrasound  Research Institute.

Raktažodžiai: System for Diagnosis, Intraocular Tumors

Mokslo kryptis: Diagnostinės ir matavimo technologijos, Medicina
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