General Physics Laboratory - 240
Physics laboratory works are carried out for deeper knowledge of the basic laws of physics: performing those students learn to work with measurement devices and are introduced to measurement methods; they learn to depict methods as graphs and evaluate the reliability of the experimental results. Physics 1 (mechanics and electromagnetism) laboratory works. Physics 2 (optics and atomic physics) laboratory works.

Mechanics, electrodynamics, electromagnetism, and molecular physics. Optics, semiconductors, radioactivity ( radiation), photoelectric effect and atomic physics.

Field of Science:
Diagnostic and measurement technologies, New materials for high-tech
Technical specification:
Physics I LIST OF LABORATORY WORKS: 1. Evaluation of direct and non-direct measurement errors 2. Measurement of electrical dimensions and measurement errors 3. Atwood‘s machine 4. Investigation of rotational motion of solid body 5. Investigation of Maxwell pendulum oscillation 6. Investigation of oscillation of physical pendulum 7. Investigation of oscillation of rotational pendulum 8. Investigation of oscillation of spring 9. Investigation of oscillation of string 10. Ratio of molar heat capacities (Cp/Cv) of air determination 11. Investigation of surface tension dependence on liquid concentration 12. Investigation of dielectric electrical properties 13. Investigation of metal resistance dependence on the temperature 14. Determination of magnetic field of the Earth 15. The electron motion in magnetron 16. Evaluation of conservation law of the charge 17. Magnetic force measurement 18. Evaluation of the main law of rotational motion of solid body 19. Stefan and Boltzmann law verification 20. Cp/Cv determination by ultrasound 21. Investigation of magnetic field created by circular conductor 22. Investigation of polarization of segnetoelectrics Physics II LIST OF LABORATORY WORKS: 1. Determination of light wavelength by Fresnel biprism 2. The diffraction gratings 3. Diffraction of laser light 4. Verification of Malus‘s law and determination of Brewster‘s angle 5. Investigation of polarization light rotation 6. Investigation of elliptical polarized light 7. Investigation of light dispersion in prism 8. Investigation of refractive index of solutions by refractometer 9. Investigation of thermal radiation 10. Stefan and Boltzmann law verification 11. Investigation of photoelectric effect 12. Einstein‘s law verification 13. Investigation of internal photoeffect of semiconductor photoresistor 14. Temperature dependence of semiconductor conductivity 15. Investigation of tunnel effect of p-n 16. Qualitative spectral analysis 17. Franck-Hertz experiment 18. Investigation of attenuation of g rays in material
Usage area:
General Physics Laboratory works are carried out by the first and second year students at KTU.
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