Various Cold-Pressed Oils, Balanced Oil Mixtures and Oil Extracts, and Their Use. Standardisation

[application areas]
Production of various cold-pressed oils and their mixtures in order to balance out the composition of fatty acids. Cold-pressed oil is a natural prod-uct which retains all natural properties, whereas oil mix-tures maintain a balanced ratio of these materials. Final result – standardised functional food products in small packages. Oil extracts from fatty seeds (wheat germ, black cumin, hemp, amaranth and borage seeds) and herbs and vegeta-bles (ginger root, garlic, coffee grounds, etc.) are valuable natural products for flavouring seasoning, mayonnaise and sauces and increasing their nutritional value as well as pro- ducing confectionery products (such as fillings for chocolates) and flavoured oil. Fat and oil, mean and fish pro-cessing industry, public catering establishments, manufacturers of seasoning, mayonnaise, sauc-es, confectionery products, and chocolates.

[year of invention]
The production is scheduled for 2015/2016.

[features, technical specifications]
Oil extracts are natural flavourings and a source of antioxidants and other biologically active sub-stances; balanced cold-pressed oil mixtures can be consumed by those who lack α-linolenic fatty acids in their diet together with the required daily amount of the fatty acid in order to improve health.

Mixtures not produced neither in Lithuania nor in Europe.

[technological readiness level]
The idea for the production of bal-anced mixtures, research results and pilot production (15 years).

[what are we looking for in this stage of development?]
Funding for further research and finishing the prototype.

Preparing for the production and patenting of oil mixtures in Lithu-ania with the ratio of polyunsatu-rated fats omega3:omega6=3:1 and omega3:omega 6=1:2.

“Apple-tree oil with garlic” tech-nology and recipe Garlic oil ex-tract used; actinidia products and other oil extracts implemented in chocolate filling production at UAB Rūta. Challenges - funding.

Similar products can be found in the US, India.

Experience. 15 years of expe-rience in studying amaranth, linseed, wheat germ, hemp, canola, agile, sesame, sunflower, and coconut cold-pressed oils, chemical composition and prop-erties of their mixtures as well as properties of actinidia, ginger, hyssop, black cumin, sesame, sa-tiva, and wheat germ oil extracts in modelled as well as real food systems. Garlic oil extract produc-tion technology provided. Linseed oil studied and standardised at UAB Aletovis and Valdas Piečai-tis's farm, including its mixtures with other oils; also renewed production of hemp oil in some Lithuanian farms. “Apple-tree oil with garlic” technology and recipe developed. Actinidia products implemented in the production of chocolate fillings. at UAB Rūta (Eureka project E! 4449 AKTINID-IA Creation Of New Confectionery Product Production. Technology, Using Organic Plants Grown In Baltic And Nordic Regions. Advantages. Non-refined natural products rich in biologically active substances (tocopherols and tocotrienols (vitamin E), carotine (provitamin A), phospholipids, sterols, squalene, vitamin D, vitamin F, natural antioxidants – phenolic compounds, squalene, etc.) which contain balanced irreplaceable polyunsaturated fatty acids and which can be used to improve human health.
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