Plant extracts production and use of technology, special (functional foods) nutritional supplements and food
Food products, in addition to the basic functions - supplying the body with the necessary nutrients and energinėmis materials can enhance the human body, to act preventively to reduce disease risks. These are functional foods (FM) products. Recently, many countries have formed summarizes FM products conception: it is - consumer daily intake of food, which, in addition to nutritional value, they added a physiological effect on the human body (Richardson, 2002; Fernandes-Gines et al., 2005). FM products - a rapidly developing food industries. In many countries, the volume is increasing. Major manufacturers - Japan, the United States, Canada, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway and the United Kingdom. US produced the majority of FM products. FM products - one of the most promising areas of the food industry. Service: *A detailed overview of literature and experimental design creation; *Fractionation of vegetable raw materials conventional extraction methods; *Fractionation of plant raw materials of high pressure extraction methods; *In obtained extracts antioxidant potential rating; *The original of the extract obtained phytochemical composition assessment; *Analysis of the results, conclusions and recommendations Submission; * With respect to the raw material or extract features. Duration of the services is about 15 weeks.
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Technologies for sustainable development and energy
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