Tandem triple quadrupole mass spectrometer with ultra performance and supercritical fluid chromatography system

Tripple quadrupole masss spectrometer can detect compounds present at very low concentrations, therefore it is very suitable for the quantitative analysis, especially of trace compounds. Also it is possible, to obtain molecular fragments of compounds and perform quantitative analysis by fragmentation pattern. This method of analysis is important for determining composition of the product and also for quality control.

Ultra performance liquid chromatography (UPLC) allows separation of the mixtures of compounds of high to medium polarity. UPLC can separate compounds and record MS spectra in the range of 20-4000 m/z. Sensitivity of the instrument depends on the properties of individual compounds, bus in general it is in the pg  mass range.

Using supercritical fluid chromatography it is possible to analyse also non polar compounds, such as lipids, lipid soluble vitamins and pigments.


UPLC-MS, chromatography, mass spectrometry, separation, identification, quantitative analysis

Field of Science:
Technologies for sustainable development and energy, Medicine, Featured research equipment
Usage area:
Chromatographic separation of compounds Quantitative or qualitative analysis of individual compounds Biotechnology, environment monitoring, forensics, food processing, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and cosmetic industries
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