Meat and fish products formation equipment
Meat and fish products formation equipment

Meat and fish technology

Field of Science:
New materials for high-tech, Technologies for sustainable development and energy
Technical specification:
Vacuum Stuffer“Frey” F-Line F 55. Fully electronic continual vacuum stuffer for STRAIGHTFILLING, PORTIONING and LINKING with swiveling linking gear and Global drive. Filling power up to 2.900 kg/hour. Housing and hopper completely made of stainless steel. Filling hopper divisible 100 liters or 60 liters. Filling pressure up to max. 25/35 bar. Integrated vacuum system and water separator electronically locked step (optionally). Vacuum pump 16 m³/hour. Portioning range 5 - 100.000 g (5 - 999 g in 0,1 g steps). Portioning speed max. 300 portions/min. Clipper MC12/. Works with clips C1212, C1214 Stainless steel. Base dimensions: 25 x 27cm Straight or crossed clip closing. Magazine capacity 250 clips.
Usage area:
Meat and fish products formation
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