Laser marking system RY-F30


Laser marking system


Laser marking, laser fabrication, microfabrication, ablation, laser cutting, laser engraving, galvo-scanner, fiber laser

Field of Science:
Technologies for sustainable development and energy
Technical specification:

laser power 30 W, working area 110 × 110 mm, laser wavelength 10.64 μm, response time 0.5 ms, frequency of pulse 20-100 kHz, marking depth ≤ 0.4 mm, marking speed up to 7000 mm/s, repeatability accuracy ± 0.001mm, beam diameter < 30 μm, rotary annex for marking cylindrical parts, control software EZCAD, graphic format supported BMP, JPG, GIF, TGA, DXF, PLT, PNG, TIF, DST. 

Usage area:
Laser marking of various materials
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