Drinking water quality testing and management, water treatment technology research and development.
Water is essential for life - it is an indispensable component of nutrition, because the vital processes can take place only if there is enough water in the cells. Water accounts for the largest part of the human body - about 60-70 percent. Nothing humans do not perform so much more variety of functions like water: it is necessary physiological digestion and elimination processes, supports cellular fluid physical and chemical stability, maintain body temperature invariable. The water shortage is very sensitive to the brain, which contains 85 per cent. of water. Since the brain is only 2 percent. Human body weight, except water and oxygen consumption by 20 per cent. Total body's needs. It is important to get the required daily amount of water, so a healthy person the recommended daily oral administration of approximately 8 glasses of water. Detailed description of the service: - Detailed water quality studies and experiments schemes * Conclusion - Pilot installation design and production - Pilot installation of installation and adjustment works - Analyte * - Study the optimal working mode selection processes and system performance tests * Work carried out in the customer company. Duration of service - about 10 months.

Drinking water, water quality, improvement technologies

Field of Science:
New materials for high-tech, Technologies for sustainable development and energy
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