NanoScan SMPS nanoparticle sizer Model 3910

NanoScan SMPS nanoparticle sizer 3910. This portable, real-time instrument combines the NanoScan SMPS and the Optical Particle Sizer to quickly and accurately measure particles ranging three orders of size magnitude from 10 nanometers to 10 micrometers. 

Aerosol nanoparticles

Field of Science:
New materials for high-tech, Technologies for sustainable development and energy
Technical specification:

Operating modes: scanning - particle distribution across the measurement range (60 s), The desired particle size monitoring (1s).Measuring range - 10 to 420 nm. Particle concentration - 100 to 1.000.000 particles/cm3.

Usage area:
General applied research, indoor/outdoor air quality investigations, nanotechnology/nanoparticle applications, combustion/emission research.
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