Spectrophotometer "Spectronic GENESYS 8"

The spectrophotometric test determines the light absorption of a substance as a function of wavelength. It is most commonly used to determine the light absorption of various liquids, solutions and transparent solids (as the concentration of coloring compounds in a material changes, so does the light absorption). The material is illuminated with light of a certain wavelength (190-1100 nm) and the intensity of light transmitted through the layer of analyte is measured.

Spectrophotometer, light absorption, wavelength.

Field of Science:
New materials for high-tech, Technologies for sustainable development and energy
Technical specification:

Wavelength range-  190-1100 nm, accuracy  - 1.0 nm, reproducibility -  0.2 nm.

Usage area:
Determination of the concentration of coloring matters in solutions or soluble substances.
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