FT-IR spectrometry system
FT-IR spectrometry system

Infrared absorbtion spectra, photopolymerisation, thermal polymerisation, photostability

Field of Science:
New materials for high-tech, Technologies for sustainable development and energy
Technical specification:
System consists of Vertex70 spectrometer (Bruker), UV light source Omnicure S2000, Golden Gate Mk II ATR Accessory with Heated Diamond Top-plate, horizontal QuickLock transmittance accessory, standard spectral range covers 8,000 to 350cm-1, DTGS and MCT liquid nitrogen cooled detectors, rapid scan option for more than 68 spectra/sec at a spectral resolution of 16cm-1. Peaction monitoring option.
Usage area:
Investigation of photopolymerisation and thermalpolymerisation, investigation of photodegradation processes in organic materials, investigation of organic materials during apllication of heat.
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