Equipment of Dairy Components Concentration
Equipment of Dairy Components Concentration

Microfiltration; Ultrafiltration; Drying; Freeze-drying; Sublimation

Field of Science:
New materials for high-tech, Technologies for sustainable development and energy
Technical specification:
Membrane filtration equipment (4 flat sheet membranes; max. inlet pressure: 7 bar; max. operating temperature: 80 °C; pH rage: 1-14; cross-flow: 3-10 l/min); spray dryer (inlet air temp.: 40-230 °C; drying air throughput: from 100 to 300 m3/HR; peristaltic pump with flow rate up to 32 ml/min); sublimator (9 drying programs with steps (temperature, pressure and time); volume: 95 l; capacity: 5 kg/24 h; shelf temp.: till 80 °C)
Usage area:
Membrane filtration equipment is used for dairy and whey ultra-and micro-filtration; Spray dryer - for drying of dairy products by hot spraying method; sublimator - for drying of dairy and other foods by sublimation (in cold and vaccum) method.
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