Development of measurement systems, technologies, methods and supervision procedures for various metrological tasks

All measuring instruments and systems must be under metrological supervision, in spite of the field they are used – laboratory or factory’s technological process. To fulfil this requirement specific reference equipment and new measurement methods are developed according to various parameters of technological process, metrological characteristics of measuring instruments and systems, operating conditions, etc. After error ratios between measuring instrument and needed reference accuracy estimation, taking into account specific devices and their metrological characteristics the organization already have for the supervision purpose, it is concluded what means are necessary. Frequency (periodicity) and methodology of calibration as a main measurement instruments and systems supervision procedure to ensure traceability is industrial metrology is estimated and developed.

Metrological traceability, standards, measurement, measurement system

Field of Science:
Diagnostic and measurement technologies
N5183A MXG Microwave Analog Signal Generator, up to 40 GHz
Digital osciloscope Wave Surfer 454
2 Channel 100MHz Arbitrary Function Generator with USB Interfacing
High Resolution Oscilloscopes
Infiniium High-Performance Oscilloscope: 13GHz
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