Equipment for ultrasound excitation-reception
Equipment for ultrasound excitation-reception

ultrasonic pulser, ultrasonic receiver, ultrasonic visualisation

Field of Science:
Diagnostic and measurement technologies
Technical specification:
• ultrasonic transmitter: pulse duration from 5,0 ns to 80 ns, time detection resolution 200 ps and accuracy 10%, amplitude from 100 V to 500 V, resolution 2 V, modes of operation: pulse echo and pulse access and pulse repetition frequency from 200 Hz to 20 kHz. • ultrasonic receiver: bandwidth (-3 dB level) from 1 MHz to 150 MHz, voltage gain from 0 dB to 63 dB, high-pass filter cutoff frequencies from 1 MHz to 20 MHz, resolution 1 MHz, damping in 12 dB/octave; bandwidth without pulsation, low-pass filter cutoff frequencies are from 20 MHz to 150 MHz, resolution 1 MHz; damping in 12 dB/octave; bandwidth without pulsation, equivalent input noise level to 100 µV. • Module of ultrasound imaging: high voltage programmable power supply 0 - 125 V. Transducer actuator pulse shaper: bipolar, double amplitude voltage to 250 V, programmable bipolar pulses duration 10-50 MHz for waves actuation. Receiver bandwidth to 80 MHz with digital time-gain control, digital filters individual for ultrasound tranducer. • Ultrasound transducers: application for human eye and orbital imaging, application for human eye frontal segment, skin layer imaging, general - purpose imaging (abdominal, cardiological, veterinary).
Usage area:
Ultrasound investigations
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