Biophysiological signal acquisition and analysis system
Biophysiological signal acquisition and analysis system

biophysiological signals, bioelectrical signals, ECG, bioimpedance, EEG, respiratory gas analysis, non invasive blood pressure, wireless monitoring

Field of Science:
Diagnostic and measurement technologies
Technical specification:
BIOPAC Systems Inc. MP150WSW-ENT system with accessories: 16 channels analog inputs, 16 bit resolution, total max sampling frequency 400 kHz; 2 channels analog outputs, output voltages range ±10 V, 16 bit resolution; 16 channels digital in/out, voltage levels - TTL, CMOS, external trigger input; conformance with Medical Safety Test Standards IEC601-1. Modules: differential amplifier; electrical bioimpedance amplifiers; ECG amplifiers, EEG amplifiers; EMG amplifiers; EOG amplifiers; induced potential amplifiers; electrodermal activity amplifier; PPG amplifiers with sensors; respiratory pneumogram amplifier with sensors; dermal temperature amplifier with sensors; respiratory gases O2 and CO2 analysis module; module of pulse oximetry with sensor; high input impedance amplifier (1016 Ω), laser doppler flowmetry module; stimulation modules; set of wireless BioNomadix modules (2 channels ECG, 2 ch. EEG, 2 ch. EGG, 2 ch. EMG, 2 ch . EOG, 2 ch. temperature, 2 ch. respiration, respiration with ECG; PPG and EDA, 2 ch. impedance, 3 ch. akcelerometer, 2 ch. gyroscope);. non invasive blood pressure monitoring module CNAP Monitor 500; portable non invasive permanent monitoring module for blood pressure parameters PortaPres (Finapres Medical Systems B.V.); functional near infrared electromagnetic waves visualisation module fNIR100A. Software for signals acquistition and processing.
Usage area:
Multimodal biophysiological signal acquisition
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