PC Sampling Oscilloscope PicoScope 9231A USB/LAN
PC Sampling Oscilloscope PicoScope 9231A USB/LAN

high frequency signals, time domain reflectometry, PC oscilloscope

Field of Science:
Diagnostic and measurement technologies
Technical specification:
Bandwidth 12 GHz, 2 input channels, 16 bit, sampling osciloscope. Input impedance 50 Ω. Time intervals 10 ps/div-50 ms/div. Input channels sensitivity 2 mV/div-500 mV/div. Programmable multi functional trigger modes. Time domain reflectometry mode. Signal generator for reflectometer mode - 2 output channels, modes - jump, pulse NRZ, RZ, rising front duration 100 ps. Optho-elektrical converter - efective wave length 750 nm-1650 nm, sensitivity 1-400 µV/div.
Usage area:
High frequency signal acquisition, time domain reflectometry.
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