Design, development, feasibility studies of the data and signal acquisition systems
Signal collection systems / nodes, consultations. Filters, Attenuators operated amplifiers, multi-channel data collection, and transmission. Signal collection system - an integral part of flexible manufacturing technologies. Used both for designing, debugging stage, when it is necessary to evaluate the properties of the prototype and the actual operation, when it is necessary to control and manage the process (eg.: radio / navigation system ultrasound; high dynamic range signals an alarm and recording system for bulk liquid products accounting system; physical material parameters of the measuring system defect detection system). Our projects include: a radio navigation system; Ultrasound navigation system; high dynamic range signals an alarm and recording system.

Signal acquisition, data acquisition, electronics design, contract research and development. Acquisition electronics. Programmable attenuator, programmable amplifier, filter. Indoor/outdoor navigation systems.

Field of Science:
Diagnostic and measurement technologies, Smart environments and information technology, Technologies for sustainable development and energy
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