Research and development, feasibility studies, consultancies on ultrasonic transducers/arrays quality validation systems.
Ultrasonic transducers/pixel quality verification is particularly relevant in medical diagnostic equipment. Quality is defined by the electric/acoustic performance. Many years of experience in electronics design and ultrasound studies: an ultrasonic pulse generator excitation; making low noise amplifier; signals collection systems. Experience in signal processing methods designed for accurate propagation time, speed, damping and other parameters for measurement. Our projects include: ultrasonic liquid flow measurement, ultrasonic thickness measurement of composite materials visualization system, the polymerization state measurement.

Ultrasonic transducer/arrays quality validation systems research and development, feasibility studies, consultancy. Knowledge on ultrasonic equipment design, impedance measurement, signal processing, contract research and development.

Field of Science:
Diagnostic and measurement technologies, Smart environments and information technology, Technologies for sustainable development and energy
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