Smart lighting control system with long-range RF encrypted communication nodes
Smart remote lighting control devices, the parameters measurement and status monitoring systems are developed, which individualy to the required profile and adaptively from external lighting level are controlling light sources through the Internet network, and assess the cost of electricity in tracking their history, which further seeks to ensure: 1. continuous lighting source state control and reliability of the assessment process; 2. The function of analysis to power supply matching set value and automatic alarm notification when generated power changes; 3. The electricity supplier's recommendations tracking option; 4. The confidence indicator forming option; 5. The synchronized distribution functionality for individual indoor light sources option; 6. authenticated management access and wireless encrypted command option; 7. The option of changing the encryption key; 8. The increasing the set switch-off phase, and a source extension of working time; 9. The power control source transfer characteristics straightening option; 10. The use of the operating mode based on a positive use history.

Smart lighting control

Field of Science:
Diagnostic and measurement technologies, Smart environments and information technology, Technologies for sustainable development and energy
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