The research on the needs for welding robots in metal production and processing companies
The solutions of innovative and smart technologies have been the challenge for the contemporary metal processing and production companies. With the increasing necessity to maintain the constant and effective production process, to remain competitive in emerging markets and to strive for advancement, a number of companies encounter the need for identifying the demand for effective and flexible automated welding technologies. The surveys of industries indicate that technological changes are too rapid and have to be monitored on a continuous basis. This issue impedes the possibilities for forecasting the demand of robotics process and has been problematic for companies which aim to apply the welding robots and for the companies who sell the welding robots. One of the suggested alternatives for problem solution is the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of existing and potential customers and their needs. The result of the research is the study on the demand for welding robots in metal production and processing companies.

Innovative and smart technologies, welding robots

Field of Science:
Diagnostic and measurement technologies, Smart environments and information technology
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