The research on employee satisfaction and loyalty for organization
The successful performance of modern organization is influenced by the effective human resource management that is based on mutual trust between employees and managers and the match of their interests. Job satisfaction is the guarantee for employee good feelings, psychological state and their positive attitudes towards organization. The commitment or loyalty for enterprise is related to the satisfaction of employees' needs and the balance between employer's and employees interests. The experience of Lithuanian enterprises proves that there is one fifth of loyal employees, and more than one third of them think of changing their workplace or work activities. Similarly, insufficient attention to employees' welfare and their needs determines the increasing staff turnover and weakens the competitive advantages of organization. Aiming to overcome the mentioned consequences, it is proposed to organizations to identify the factors that influence employee job satisfaction and to analyse the possibilities to satisfy employees' needs. The result of research is the study on possibilities for increasing employees' job satisfaction and their loyalty for organization.

Human resource, job satisfaction, employee loyalty

Field of Science:
Diagnostic and measurement technologies, Smart environments and information technology
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