An inclusive and creative society: new, results-oriented public service provision, and small and medium business development research: (I) new services / product demand study; (II) service / product quality study; (III) research on company's marketing culture as a competitive advantage
A dynamic, active competition and often complicated business environment triggers the need to look for not only traditional, but often unconventional solutions for business development and to ensure its stability. Companies are intensively looking for ways to find out customers’ needs and expectations, how to evaluate their satisfaction with the product, what factors are most important in terms of product quality and encourage consumers to be loyal and what shapes the company's exclusive, hard-copied competitive advantage. The studies to get the answers to these questions are very important, but more importantly, to use the results for proactive activities in order to shape the organizational culture, in which a self-governing organization learning gains more permanent status.

Business development, product / service quality, the survey of the product need

Field of Science:
Diagnostic and measurement technologies, Smart environments and information technology
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