Control system for efficient operation and maintenance of residential building (software tool)
The service and its description is correlated with the service "Control system for residential buildings for operation and maintenance (technical feasibility study). Technical feasibility study addresses requirements for innovative residential building maintenance control system. Through a Web interface (accessible via the company's web page) remote users can declare various home systems induction counters, register faults. The system provides building maintenance administrator relevant data relating to the operation of the building. According to the failure priority system makes troubleshooting schedule, generates warning (alarm) functions for critical failures and various reminders, the required operational functions, eg., the state of building constructions (walls, foundation and roof) assessment, home systems (electrical, thermal point , hydraulic and others.) testing and so on. Generates various statistical reports. By default, the ability to easily update specialized databases is implemented.

Control system, operation, maintenance, residential building, software tool

Field of Science:
Diagnostic and measurement technologies, Smart environments and information technology, Technologies for sustainable development and energy
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