Ultra high performance concrete development and research

•It has been proved that ultra high performance concrete can be prepared not only from expensive reactive powder but also from cheaper (local) materials. •Research has already found links between concrete's properties and durability as well as identified its change patterns; •The technology for achieving the optimum composition of the concrete as well as using it in a mixture has also been identified.

Space Syntax analysis of urban structures


The analysis of space syntax allows modeling the movement of people in the city, identifying areas more often and less frequently, assessing the attractiveness of urban areas for commercial activities, etc.

Architectural design


Design of all types (individual, public) and types (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.). Interior design for all types and types of structures. Environmental management, landscape design. The opportunity to submit a TP / DP project to Open BIM. Visualization of projects using virtual simulation (graphic art, video) and volumetric patterns.