Selfdirected learning, competence development, empowering environment
Why some organizations work successfully and achieve the best results, and other organisations on the contrary - are not able to realise the goals and compete in the market? One of the possible answer to this question emphasizes that successful organizations have capital which can't be copied by other enterprises - it is human resource competence which creates added value for that organization and which creates the possibility to gain competitive advantage. The external environment as well as competitive conditions are changing continuously, therefore it is very important that employees would be motivated in developing their competence in respect of requirements that rise changes in environment. In this context the question is what factors motivate employees to identify the gaps of their competence and seek to eliminate them, in other words, what factors motivate employees' learning and competence development? What environment should be created in the organization in order to foster and empower self-directed learning? Research of the environment that empowers self-directed learning is useful for the enterprises which seek to create environment that fosters and motivates employees to develop their competence in formal, nonformal and informal learning methods. The result of the research: guidelines for creating the environment that motivates employees' competence development and empowers self-directed learning will be substantiated according to research results.

Selfdirected learning, competence development, empowering environment

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