Research in business sustainable development, innovative solutions via social responsibility activities, new competitive possibilities, stakeholder relationship management
Global and constantly changing environment is a great challenge to the enterprises and their competitiveness. Fast development in the global business environment changes and will change existing manufacturing standards, society, customers and other stakeholders ' expectations. Partnerships, cooperation with the company's stakeholders, may give impetus to increasing productivity, developing and implementing advanced technologies, innovative processes, products and services and thus fulfilled expectations of a broad circle of stakeholders. One of the solutions would be to use the potential of stakeholders in addressing the challenges faced by the company's activities. This requires the relevant managerial tools to successfully manage the cooperation with stakeholders. This can be done through stakeholder analysis (identification of the stakeholders of the organization, classification according to the attributes, and alignment of their needs with the objectives and tasks of the organization). In any case, stakeholders are an integral part of the management strategy reflecting the state of the art approach to the management of the company and to ensure sustainable development and social responsibility of the company. This concept helps people to reach an agreement on common objectives, involvement, and benefit, i.e. the flexibility to plan their activities and better integration of new technological knowledge and competencies of the workforce, for the introduction of new business models, new manufacturing processes, and management systems.

Sustainable development, competitive ability, innovative solutions, stakeholder management

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