Seach of niches in reduction of energy consumption in huoseholds
In 2015 even 195 countries strengthen contracted greenhouse gas emission reduction project. It is one of the key elements for the Commission's priority to create a resilient energy union and carry out a viable climate change policy. In the environmental field focus is still made on transport, industry giants and others. However, business-related economic entities behavior also requires modification.These issues iare poorly escalated, even though studies show that as much as 20 percent of energy is consumed in gdomestic sector. Niches for increase in the efficiency iare also discussed scarely. It should be noted that the unified solutions and measures to reduce energy consumption in households at the level of individual communities, regions, nations as well as behavior, attitudes, values ​​- are specific. In this regard, the resaerch performed into consumer habits and behavior of specific region,identification and possible measures adapted to increase efficiency (in terms of energy consumption) - contribute to technologic niche for new solutions in the field of environment protection.

Reduction in energy consumption, niches, househols

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