AFM Scanning probe microscopy system JPK NanoWizard 3
Scanning probe microscopy system JPK NanoWizard 3

AFM, atomic force microscopy, topography, morphology, nanolithography, nanotechnology, microscopy

Field of Science:
Diagnostic and measurement technologies, New materials for high-tech, Technologies for sustainable development and energy
Technical specification:
Operating modes: contact, intermittent contact or AC or tapping, non-contact, lateral force microscopy, Phase imaging; Force mapping; Quantitative imaging: images of the surface force curve, the force-distance spectroscopy of force-distance volumetric imaging mode, conductivity microscopy. Scanning field 100x100 μm height up to 15 μm.
Usage area:
For measurements of the surface topography and the mechanical, electrical and magnetic properties in the air and fluids. For solids, polymers, biological samples and molecular characterization, nanomanipulation and nanolithography. Development and research of advanced new materials and thin films; control of technological processes at the nano-scale.
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