Antimicrobial Silicone

The invention relates to antimicrobial silicone substances, which are obtained by using multifunctional fillers and silicon matrix composites. Using environmentally friendly, simple synthesis techniques to create composites. Silicone was filled with the obtained composites of natural polymer metal particles. The created modified multifunctional filler and silicone composite is characterized by good physical and chemical properties, as well as strong antimicrobial effect on both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria.


Created cellulose-based particles and metal nanoparticles composites as multi functional fillers within polymer matrices. Synthesis  of nanocomposites are simple, environment friendly and economical. Obtained composites are stable and non-cytotoxic. Created  unique diffusion system in polymer matrix, which has no analogues in the world.

European patent application number: EP17152392.1

Antimicrobial Silicone, Silicone

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