Optical scanner Nextengine for reverse engineering
Optical scanner Nextengine for reverse engineering

3D scanning, computer geometric model, surfasic model, solid model

Field of Science:
Diagnostic and measurement technologies, New materials for high-tech, Technologies for sustainable development and energy
Technical specification:
Desktop optical 3D scanner for using in the rooms witg normal light conditions. Two regimes of scanning (Macro and Wide), scanning speed - 50000 points/sec., capture density up to 160K points / in (Macro) and 22.5K points / in (Wide); Field Size 5.1” x 3.8” (Macro) and 13.5” x 10.1” (Wide). High-precision rotary servo positioner, auto-incremented under scanner control (20 lb capacity), Universal part holder to adjust height, angle, and orientation of capture (10 lb capacity). Software to Scan, Align, Polish, and Fuse 3D Models. High-performance OpenGL 3D viewer; Scan inside SolidWorks; 2X scan speed, 4X raw point data, Large Object (23” x 17”) mode
Usage area:
Scanning of 3D objects and creation of their surfasic and solid geometrical models for reverse engineering purposes and in other cases, when it is impossible or to difficult to obtain 3D computer geometric models of the objects, necessary for their visualization or for computational needs (for example, when modeling biomechanical systems)
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