The use of algae in energy and the production of third-generation biofuels


The purpose of feasibility study is to evaluate the conditions for the efficient use of CO2 from Lithuanian energy companies for the production of algae and their further processing into biodiesel and other valuable products. Works include: 1. Analysis of the energy balance of algae cultivation and recommendations for its optimization. 2. Assessment of the suitability of biofuels made from algae for use in internal combustion engines. 3. Solving the issues of the use of efficient production waste.

Feasibility study on the development of new textile technologies and materials


Feasibility study on the field of applied research and experimental development in the field of textile, in which 10-30 sheets (depending on the complexity of the object and / or number of objects) will be conducted. Technical feasibility study - analytical work aimed at evaluating the planned implementation of the R & D project technological and / or commercial viability