Rehabili Non-Balanced Rowing Machine


REHABILI is a non-balanced rowing machine having a unique, patented structure. An original lever-type academic rowing suspension allows to imitate fluctuations of a floating boat around the transverse axis and vertical shifts.

Moreover, the trainer has a passive stabilisation system which helps to ensure balance.

The rigidity of the elements of the stabilisation system can be adjusted depending on athlete’s weight and ability to maintain balance. It is also possible to limit their movement completely to ensure stability of the trainer and a training regime, which is equal to training with usual rowing machines.

REHABILI trainer allows to adjust resistance, angle and level of instability.

The trainer is certified according to European standard EN 957, meets class S/I . US patent application number: 14/433,102

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Telemetry System for Sportsman-rower


The system consists of sensors which measure the force applied to the paddle, the speed and the acceleration of the boat in 3 axes as well as ECG parameters.

System sensors use less energy, allowing for longer operation and large communication distance (at least 50 m).

There are 5 sensors and 13 transmitted channels in total.

Trainer’s computer provides real-time swimming parameters.

The telemetry system is compact, light, available for use in various field conditions, and is reasonably accurate and reliable.


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Mokslo kryptis: Diagnostinės ir matavimo technologijos