Wastewater Treatment Plant for Deep-Cleaning of Wastewater Contaminated with Oil Products

An effective technology developed for cleaning water from hard-to-degrade toxic oil compounds uses the sorption capacity of a special sorbent and the oxidative potential of degrading microorganisms. The layer of microorganisms formed on particles of activated carbon creates a stable, resistant, and effective complex consisting of sorbent, microorganisms, and pollutants.

The plant operates under aerobic conditions, while the sorbent self-regenerates when dynamic equilibrium is reached, thus there is no need to replace it regularly. As the pollution of wastewater changes, the plant switches between absorption, biochemical degradation, and sorbent regeneration processes. 

The applications of the technology is continuously expanded to the treatment of other types of polluted waters, such as pharmaceutical and textile industries.

Wastewater Treatment, Deep-Cleaning of Wastewater

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