Empathic (ITEA 2~11005) project: “EMPATHIC PRODUCTS”

An empathic application that  recognizes consumer preferences based on a combination of emotional, behavioural and sensory information; provides more effective feedback from consumers about their food choices and helps to improve customer interaction with its consumers; and gives additional helpful information about food products.


EMPATHIC project outcomes:

  • Methodology for empathic (intentional & emotion enabled) applications in food market was created;
  • New models for exploiting sensory attributes & intention & emotion awareness of food consumers was formed;
  • Emotion & intention enabling technologies tested & validated in food market: baking and confectionary industries.

Study showed that Noldus FaceReader technology is sufficiently accurate to detect significant differences in facial expressions elicited by different food samples and can deliver additional information to conventional acceptance tests. The correlations obtained show that facial expressions are good indicators for self-reported liking.  Furthermore, emotions, attitude and behaviour interface model was designed, which can give a significant information about food products evaluation and food choice. Strong relationship between attitude and behaviour was also observed.

Methodology for empathic, emotion awareness, intention enabling technologies

Mokslo kryptis:
Išmanios aplinkos ir informacinės technologijos, Technologijos darniam vystymuisi ir energetika
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