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Description: PC osciloscope PicoScope 6404B

Technical specification: Bandwidth 500 MHz, 4 inputs, 8 bit (12 bit in specific mode), input impedance (switchable): ≥1MΩ, ≤10pF ir 50Ω. Max sample frequency for not repeatable signals 5 GS/s, time intervals 10 ns/div-1000 s/div, input channels sensitivity 10mV/div-4V/div (1 MΩ). Memory buffer capacity 1 GS. Programmable multi function trigger modes. Programmable form signal generator: frequency range DC-20 MHz, length of the buffer 16 k points, standard signals, clock frequency 200 MHz, amplitude resolution 12 bit, amplitude range ±250mV..±2V.

Usage area: Multichannel high frequency signal acquisition, generation.

Keywords: PC oscilloscope

Description: Programmable function generator RIGOL DG5252 with Digital Logic Output Module

Technical specification: 2 output channels. Generated standard signals: Sine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, Noise. Harmonic signal frequency range 1 µHz...250 MHz. Rectangular signal frequency range 1 µHz...120 MHz. Pulse signal frequency range 1 mHz...50 MHz. Arbitrary Waveforms frequency range 50 MHz. Harmonic distortion < -35 dBc. Front duration of rectangular signal 2,5 ns. Programmable waveform vertical resolution 14 bit. Memory capacity for programmable form signals 2-128 Mpts. Modulation: AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSk, PSK, PWM. Output amplitude up to 10 Vp-p. Logic signal output module 16 channels. Interface with PC: USB, LAN.

Usage area: Standart and arbitrary form signal generation, digital logic signal generation

Keywords: generator, arbitrary waveform, digital logic signals

Description: Wireless 8 channels biophysiological signal acquisition system Guger Technologies g.MOBILab

Technical specification: 8 analog channels: EEG (2 ch.), EEG/EOG (2 ch.), ECG/EMG (2 ch.), multi-purpose 2 channels; 16 bits; 256Hz/channel. Wireless (Bluetooth) connection to PC, internal storage to SD card.

Usage area: Multimodal biophysiological signal acquisition

Keywords: biophysiological signals, bioelectrical signals, ECG, EEG, wireless monitoring

Description: Digital oscilloscope Tektronix MDO4104B-6

Technical specification: Analog channels: 4 input channels; bandwidth 1 GHz; 8 bit (up to 11 in specific mode); input impedance (switchable) 1MΩ and 50 Ω; sampling frequency 5 GS/s; time base range 400 ps/div - 1000 s/div; input channel sensitivity 1mV/div-10V/div (1MΩ), 1mV/div-1V/div (50Ω); signal memory length (4 channels), 20 Mpoints; programmable trigger modes. Digital channels: 16 input channels; sampling frequency 500 MS/s; min tipical detected pulse width 1 ns; programmable trigger modes. Spectral analysis channel - separate channel, bandwidth 9 kHz-6 GHz. Digital signals decoding and synchronisation: RS-232/422/485/UART, I2C, SPI, I2S, ETHERNET, USB.

Usage area: High frequency analog and digital signal acquisition

Keywords: oscilloscope, digital channels, spectrum analyzer

Description: Biophysiological signal acquisition and analysis system

Technical specification: 16 analog channels; resolution 24 bits; sampling frequency 38 kHz/channel; noise level <0,4 µV RMS; imput impedance >100 MΩ; 2 analog outputs (12 bits). 70 positions elektrodes system (cap) with electrodes.

Usage area: Multimodal biophysiological signal acquisition

Keywords: biophysiological signals, bioelectrical signals, ECG, EEG, wireless monitoring

Description: Ultrasound fantom set

Technical specification: Statical 3D fantom for ultrasound echoscopy, brachytherapy fantom for quality evaluation, doppler channels fantom, ultrasound fantom for resolution and quality evaluation, echoscopy fantom of a gray scale images.

Usage area: Testing of medical echoscopy systems

Keywords: ultrasonic phantom, ultrasound system, ultrasonic transducer

Description: Ultrasonic sectorial scannning portable echoscope SeeMore USB OP 12 MHz

Technical specification: Portable construction - pen type, connecting PC viea USB. B-Scan angle 60°, ultrasound waves main frequency is in range from 12 to 15 MHz, the depth of echoscopy 6 cm.

Usage area: Biomedical echoscopy

Keywords: ultrasound, medical devices, echoscopy

Description: Broadband high power amplifier Empower RF

Technical specification: Bandwidth 0,15 MHz - 230 MHz. Output power (harmonic signal) 250 W. Power amplification 54 dB. In/out impedance 50 Ω. Over temperature protection 85°C.

Usage area: Broadband power amplification

Keywords: broadband, power amplifier

Description: Cardio pulmonary exercise testing

Technical specification: Parameters analyzed: pulmonary gas (VO2, VCO2), blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), calorimetry, 12 lead ECG, wireless link.

Usage area: Cardio pulmonary exercise testing

Keywords: pulmonary gas analysis, calorimetry, biomedical investigations

Description: Signal acquistition, generation and analysis system National Instruments PXI

Technical specification: 18-Slot PXI Express Chassis PXI, PXIe-8115 RT Core i5-2510E 2.5 GHz controller, LabView RT. PXI modules: 1) multifunction data acquisition PXI-6254 (32 AI, 48 DIO) 16 bits, 1,25MS/s; 2) Industrial Digital I/O PXI-6514 (32 DI, 32 DO); 3) 60 MS/s, 12-Bit, 8-Channel Digitizer/Oscilloscope PXI-5105; 4) Gigabit Ethernet Interface Device for digital cameras PXIe-8234, Real-Time Vision System for GigE Vision EVS-1464RT; 5) NI FlexRIO FPGA Module for PXI Express PXIe-7962R (Virtex-5 SX50T, 512MB RAM); 6) 100 MS/s, 14-Bit Arbitrary Waveform Generator PXI-5412; 7) 2.7 GHz RF Vector Signal Analyzer – Digital Downconversion PXI-5661

Usage area: Multichannel signal acquitision/processing/analysis systems

Keywords: signal acquitision, signal processing, modular system

Description: Electrical safety analyzer of medical electrical appliances

Technical specification: Electrical Safety Testing per IEC60601; AAMI-ES1; VDE-0751; IEC62353; EC601-BAT; AAMI-BAT; VDE-BAT; IEC353-BAT; IEC61010 standards. Nuotekio srovės matavimo standartai: IEC60601-1; AAMI-ES1:1996; VDE-0751; IEC62353; IEC61010. Automated testing. ECG simulation: Performance Waveforms; Arrythmia Waveforms; Defibrillator Waveforms.

Usage area: Analysis of compliance of medical devices to electrical safety standarts

Keywords: Electrical safety, medical devices, analyzer

Description: Analyzer of non-invasive blood pressure registrators

Technical specification: Simulator, suitable to analyze devices of human blood pressure registration, which works by oscillometric method, using cuff. Simulated, dynamic, adjustable values of human blood pressure: systolic 35-240 mmHg; diastolic 15-190 mmHg; pulse 15-330 per minute. Relative amplitude range of simulated blood pressure pulse wave: 0...150%. Measure range of static pressure 0...400 mmHg ±0,5 mmHg (accuracy), ±0,1 mmHg (resolution).

Usage area: Analysis of compliance of NIBP devices to requirements

Keywords: medical devices, non invasive blood pressure, analyzer

Description: Climatic chamber

Technical specification: Inner space 400x500x400; temperature range -20°C.. 150°C, temperature accuracy ±1°C; humidity range 20...98% ; programmable control.

Usage area: Equipment testing for environmental conditions

Keywords: climatic chamber

Description: Open system for medical echoscopy signals and images acquisition ULTRASONIX SonixTouch Research

Technical specification: Architecture of the system: digital with possibility to save all raw ultrasonic signals. Ultrasonic transducers: phased array transducer (2-4 MHz); linear transducer (5-14 MHz) with integrated positioning sensor; linear transducer (8-40 MHz). 3D tracking device (elektromagnec) for ultrasound trancducer tracking. Parallel Channel Data Acquisition (12 bits, 128 channels, 10 GB memory).

Usage area: Medical ultrasound research

Keywords: medical echography, open system, ultrasound

Description: PC Sampling Oscilloscope PicoScope 9231A USB/LAN

Technical specification: Bandwidth 12 GHz, 2 input channels, 16 bit, sampling osciloscope. Input impedance 50 Ω. Time intervals 10 ps/div-50 ms/div. Input channels sensitivity 2 mV/div-500 mV/div. Programmable multi functional trigger modes. Time domain reflectometry mode. Signal generator for reflectometer mode - 2 output channels, modes - jump, pulse NRZ, RZ, rising front duration 100 ps. Optho-elektrical converter - efective wave length 750 nm-1650 nm, sensitivity 1-400 µV/div.

Usage area: High frequency signal acquisition, time domain reflectometry.

Keywords: high frequency signals, time domain reflectometry, PC oscilloscope

Description: Simulator of human physiological signals FLUKE ProSim 8

Technical specification: ECG channel: 12 leads; amplitude 0.05-5 mV; heart rate 10-360 times/min; arrytmia modes; performance testing. 2 channels of invasive blood preassure. Respiratory channel with rate adjustable 15-150 times/min. Temperature channel: 3.0°C... 42.0°C, compatibility with Yellow Springs, Inc. (YSI) Series 400 and 700. Cardiac output channel. Non invasive blood pressure channel. Channel of blood oxygen saturation (SpO2). Testing autosequences. Ansur Test software.

Usage area: Medical device testing

Keywords: physiological signals, simulator, medical devices, testing

Description: Thermal imaging camera FLIR T650SC

Technical specification: Resolution 640 x 480. Field of view 25°x19°, spatial resolution 0.68 mrad. Exchangeable lenses (wide anlge, macro). Temperature range 40°C... 2000°C. Thermal sensitivity (NETD) 0,03°C, when scanning frequency 30Hz. Wireless connections: WiFi, Bluetooth. Transfere of radiometrical images to PC for analysis in real time.

Usage area: Thermal imaging for biomedical applications

Keywords: thermal imaging, camera

Description: Biophysiological signal acquisition and analysis system

Technical specification: BIOPAC Systems Inc. MP150WSW-ENT system with accessories: 16 channels analog inputs, 16 bit resolution, total max sampling frequency 400 kHz; 2 channels analog outputs, output voltages range ±10 V, 16 bit resolution; 16 channels digital in/out, voltage levels - TTL, CMOS, external trigger input; conformance with Medical Safety Test Standards IEC601-1. Modules: differential amplifier; electrical bioimpedance amplifiers; ECG amplifiers, EEG amplifiers; EMG amplifiers; EOG amplifiers; induced potential amplifiers; electrodermal activity amplifier; PPG amplifiers with sensors; respiratory pneumogram amplifier with sensors; dermal temperature amplifier with sensors; respiratory gases O2 and CO2 analysis module; module of pulse oximetry with sensor; high input impedance amplifier (1016 Ω), laser doppler flowmetry module; stimulation modules; set of wireless BioNomadix modules (2 channels ECG, 2 ch. EEG, 2 ch. EGG, 2 ch. EMG, 2 ch . EOG, 2 ch. temperature, 2 ch. respiration, respiration with ECG; PPG and EDA, 2 ch. impedance, 3 ch. akcelerometer, 2 ch. gyroscope);. non invasive blood pressure monitoring module CNAP Monitor 500; portable non invasive permanent monitoring module for blood pressure parameters PortaPres (Finapres Medical Systems B.V.); functional near infrared electromagnetic waves visualisation module fNIR100A. Software for signals acquistition and processing.

Usage area: Multimodal biophysiological signal acquisition

Keywords: biophysiological signals, bioelectrical signals, ECG, bioimpedance, EEG, respiratory gas analysis, non invasive blood pressure, wireless monitoring

Description: Optical biological research and measurement equipment

Technical specification: Stereo miroscope - trinocular head, wide-field eyepieces 10X/23 mm, magnification of the lens 0,75X-5X, LED lighting. Digital camera for stereo microscope - resolution 10 Mpix. Laboratory binocular microscope. Polarized light source with camera, medical purposes digital camera, optical modules compatible with camera: dermatoscopic, the retina of the eye and the outer segment of the modules. Broadband (400-2200 nm) transmission / reflection / absorbtion spectrophotometer with accessories.

Usage area: Optical investigations

Keywords: spectrophotometry, medical images

Description: Signal observation, generation and measurement equipment

Technical specification: Digital portable oscilloscope Fluke 190-202/EU/S: bandwidth 200 MHz, 2 inputs, time interval 5 ns/div-2 min/div, input channel sensitivity 2mV/div-100V/div, memory length 3000 points/each channel. Radio frequency generator HAMEG HM8135: bandwidth 100 Hz..3GHz, output power range -135.. 13 dBm, output impedance 50 Ω, frequency resolution 1Hz, harmonics level (without modulation) -30 dBc, modulation: AM, FM, Pulse, Φ, FSK, PSK, internal modulator 10Hz..20kHz (harmonic, rectangular, triangular, sawtooth signals). RCL parameters meter WayneKerr 1J43100: bandwidth 20 Hz – 1 MHz. Parameters measurement range: R,Z,X – 1µΩ – 100 GΩ; Y,B,G – 10 pS – 10 kS; C – 10fF – 1F; L – 100pH – 100 MH; Q – 0,00001 – 99999.

Usage area: Measurement of electrical signals and parameters

Keywords: measurement equipment, osciloscope, generator

Description: Equipment for ultrasound excitation-reception

Technical specification: • ultrasonic transmitter: pulse duration from 5,0 ns to 80 ns, time detection resolution 200 ps and accuracy 10%, amplitude from 100 V to 500 V, resolution 2 V, modes of operation: pulse echo and pulse access and pulse repetition frequency from 200 Hz to 20 kHz. • ultrasonic receiver: bandwidth (-3 dB level) from 1 MHz to 150 MHz, voltage gain from 0 dB to 63 dB, high-pass filter cutoff frequencies from 1 MHz to 20 MHz, resolution 1 MHz, damping in 12 dB/octave; bandwidth without pulsation, low-pass filter cutoff frequencies are from 20 MHz to 150 MHz, resolution 1 MHz; damping in 12 dB/octave; bandwidth without pulsation, equivalent input noise level to 100 µV. • Module of ultrasound imaging: high voltage programmable power supply 0 - 125 V. Transducer actuator pulse shaper: bipolar, double amplitude voltage to 250 V, programmable bipolar pulses duration 10-50 MHz for waves actuation. Receiver bandwidth to 80 MHz with digital time-gain control, digital filters individual for ultrasound tranducer. • Ultrasound transducers: application for human eye and orbital imaging, application for human eye frontal segment, skin layer imaging, general - purpose imaging (abdominal, cardiological, veterinary).

Usage area: Ultrasound investigations

Keywords: ultrasonic pulser, ultrasonic receiver, ultrasonic visualisation

Description: Ultrasonic transducers-hydrophones set

Technical specification: Needle hydrophone for registration of high intensity of ultrasound preasure: bandwidth 1-10 MHz (±6dB), sensitivity 70nV/Pa, capacity 80pF; recommended for high intensity ultrasound; due to high mechanical resistance could be used invasively in biological tissues and in liquid fantoms. Universal needle hydrophone for registration of high intensity of ultrasound pressure: bandwidth 1-20 MHz (±6dB), sensitivity 10nV/Pa, capacity 70 pF. Universal needle hydrophone for registration of high intensity of ultrasound beam : bandwidth 1-20 MHz (±6dB), sensitivity 200 nV/Pa, capacity 70pF. Immersion amplifier for needle universal hydrophone: input impedance 1 MΩ parallel with 7pF, output impedance 50 Ω, bandwidth 50 kHz...25 MHz, amplifier is suitable for immersion in water. Broadband membrane hydrophone with not dampered membrane for registration of high intensity ultrasound beam: bandwidth 1-45 MHz (±3 dB), sensitivity 100nV/Pa. Broadband membrane hydrophone with dampered membrane for registration of high intensity of ultrasound beam: bandwidth 1 - 45 MHz (±3 dB), sensitivity 100 nV/Pa, sensitive element membrane type, dampered, reduced vibrations during scanning.

Usage area: Research of medical ultrasound transducers

Keywords: medical echography, ultrasound, ultrasound trasducer

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Description: null

Keywords: image processing methods, biomedical images, biomedical imaging

Description: null

Keywords: biomedical electronics, biomedical sensors, biomedical devices, technical feasibility study

Description: null

Keywords: biomedical electronics, biomedical sensors, biomedical devices, technical feasibility study

Description: null

Keywords: ultrasonic transducer, pulse response duration

Description: null

Keywords: ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic beam focal length, ultrasonic beam width, acoustic pressure

Description: null

Keywords: ultrasonic transducer, acoustic pressure

Description: null

Keywords: electrical safety, medical device, inspection of technical condition

Description: null

Keywords: noninvasive blood pressure, medical device, inspection of technical condition

Description: null

Keywords: ultrasonic transducer, beam focal length, beam diameter, acoustic pressure

Description: null

Keywords: electromagnetic physiotherapy, medical device, inspection of technical condition

Description: null

Keywords: ultrasonic physiotherapy, medical device, inspection of technical condition

Description: null

Keywords: signal processing methods, biomedical signals, virtual devices, embedded systems

Description: null

Keywords: medical ultrasonic diagnostic, medical devices, ultrasound transducers, sonoporation, nonlinear ultrasound phenomenon, technical feasibility study

Description: null

Keywords: biomedical electronics, biomedical sensors, biomedical devices, technical feasibility study

Description: null

Keywords: eHealth, clinical decision support, medical systems, technical feasibility study

Description: Service is aimed to create a portable, wireless, wearable, physiological monitoring system, which allows replacing current sticky electrodes with comfortable elastic underwear with electronic equipment. This technology allows to monitors patient‘s health state in 24/7. What is more, it makes no discomfort and it is almost invisible under the clothes. Considering your demands, we can create a system, which measures the most important parameters process it and sends to smart device or your database.

Keywords: biomedicinic, sensors, electronics