Signal observation, generation and measurement equipment
Signal observation, generation and measurement equipment

measurement equipment, osciloscope, generator

Field of Science:
Diagnostic and measurement technologies
Technical specification:
Digital portable oscilloscope Fluke 190-202/EU/S: bandwidth 200 MHz, 2 inputs, time interval 5 ns/div-2 min/div, input channel sensitivity 2mV/div-100V/div, memory length 3000 points/each channel. Radio frequency generator HAMEG HM8135: bandwidth 100 Hz..3GHz, output power range -135.. 13 dBm, output impedance 50 Ω, frequency resolution 1Hz, harmonics level (without modulation) -30 dBc, modulation: AM, FM, Pulse, Φ, FSK, PSK, internal modulator 10Hz..20kHz (harmonic, rectangular, triangular, sawtooth signals). RCL parameters meter WayneKerr 1J43100: bandwidth 20 Hz – 1 MHz. Parameters measurement range: R,Z,X – 1µΩ – 100 GΩ; Y,B,G – 10 pS – 10 kS; C – 10fF – 1F; L – 100pH – 100 MH; Q – 0,00001 – 99999.
Usage area:
Measurement of electrical signals and parameters
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